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david gyasi achilles

Your email address will not be published. Achilles, King of the Myrmidons - played by David Gyasi Achilles is the most feared of all the Greek warriors travelling to Troy. “It’s interesting to see Elena finding herself, being so enthused about getting up at 5.30am to get the train in [the Gyasis have lived in Buckinghamshire for seven years] then needing to tell us what she’d learnt in tap-dancing when she got home. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything, however, since, in Greek black-figure vase paintings, all men are portrayed with black skin and all women are portrayed with white skin. I had just finished reading the great book “Song of Achilles” and built up a mental picture of what Achillies may have looked like. Buy. You mention the hair colour could have been misinterpreted but nowhere whas he descibed as African with no hair!! Anglo-Saxon are using my culture and the religion of my ancestors for money purpose. Likewise, Troy: Fall of a City is a fictional television series. Let’s be honestly and deeply appreciative of both past and present truths. Most people “know” that Achillies is white and not black. Carey Mulligan plays Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie, who investigates. There is, in fact, a very good reason why the push for diversity in casting only goes one way; it’s because people of color have long been oppressed in the English-speaking world, and films and television shows made in the English-speaking world are overwhelmingly reserved for white people. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. A more realistic Roman marble portrait head of a young man with African features dated to around 170 AD was discovered in the ruined villa of the wealthy Athenian philosopher Herodes Atticus, which is located in the region of Arkadia in the central Peloponnesos. Achilles was most recently played on screen by blond, blue-eyed Brad Pitt in 2004’s Troy. 65% of all NBA players need to be “white”. Given that in the USA blacks represent 13% of the population, they are at present over represented in most media. I am Spencer Alexander McDaniel. He laughs at the irony of a ruptured Achilles forcing him out of his first major lead role three years ago (although BBC One’s The Interceptor turned out to be a dud). What do you think casting a Black woman as Queen Elisabeth would have done to the ratings? But it would not have any inherent value by itself. Achilles' (David Gyasi) shock attack on Troy's ally Cilicia devastates the Trojans and puts the spotlight on Helen (Bella Dayne). Season 1 2018 TV-NR. Everyone is all upset about Zeus and Achilles being black, but no one is upset about any of the show’s other deviations from traditional iconography. ABOVE: Engraving of a nude Memnon by the French engraver Bernard Picard (lived 1673 – 1733) depicting him as a black man, Hello! The answer is that we currently have no evidence to indicate that the ancient Greeks imagined Achilles or Zeus as black. I suspect if Achilles was played by a white actor with dark hair it wouldn’t be controversial, partly because people wouldn’t know it. In fact, I actually thought David Gyasi’s performance was quite good. If Genghis Khan was played by a red headed Irishmen or Cleopatra as a blonde haired blue eyed Scandinavian the masses would question the director’s racial thought process. Arguing the skin-color of Greek gods is ridiculous, in my opinion. On the left is the movie (Troy) 2004. The central Greek warrior Achilles in the 2004 Hollywood production was played by Brad Pitt.This time the part of Achilles is played by Black British actor David Gyasi. Helen seemed a little too old and menelaus did not feel right. The term blackwashing makes this clear. He was the son of the Trojan prince Tithonos and the goddess Eos and he wore armor that had been forged by the god Hephaistos himself. We are all humans. You must have at least the decency to respect the original material. Black Panther worked great. David Farr; Produtores . To be very clear here, I am not mad over this; I was just confused and a little disappointed. It is a decision productions are free to make as long as they own the reception, good or bad. But accent can be forgiven as it would be impossible to know how the Ancient Greeks sounded. The actor found parallels with our troubled times starring as Achilles in Troy: Fall of a City, he tells Gabriel Tate. Roteiro. Does he covet that status? An epic story of love and war, intrigue and betrayal. But that isn’t really my main point. They could have put Memnon in played by a Black actor. Again don’t speak about things you don’t understand yourself (books exist). Sometimes he doesn’t and walks away. For example: Agamemnon was poorly portrayed. In Modern times, the conqueror has painted the faces in their images to control the perception of dominance. "David Gyasi : Achilles" Refine. National Treasure writer Jack Thorne pens a four-part drama about the abduction of a young black girl. I can totally understand them making Zeus black, but, come on guys, you’ve got to keep at least some part of the traditional iconography to make him recognizable as Zeus. And should not be assumed! People can portray myths however they like. I was pushing my son around in a buggy, and had one of those talks with God: ‘I don’t understand what’s going on, you promised such-and-such…’”, His wife and father-in-law both urged him to persevere. “How does Achilles hold the weight of his deity and humanity in the same body? They would have looked like Greek people. “Ridiculous [that] Zeus, Achilles and Patriculus [are] all of African descent,” read one message. This show is so bad on so many levels. Why? … Why Does Donald Trump Like Neoclassical Architecture So Much? ITV and Amazon's remake of William. I understand historical movies/series can’t always be 100% accurate, but It’s gotta be somewhat believable to carry any validity. Implicitly racist reactions to this casting have appeared on social media and in the comments sections of press about the show. An engraving by the French engraver Bernard Picart (lived 1673 – 1733), for instance, clearly depicts him as such. Where Does the Idea of a “Saint” Come From? I see you fail to address the fact that there is no push to diversify Bollywood ( which is bigger than Hollywood) or any other film industry. For instance, an ancient Greek black-figure vase painting dated to between c. 550 and c. 525 BC that is currently on display in the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels portrays an Athiopian warrior (probably Memnon) with thick red lips, a short, broad nose, and a projecting lower face—features that have been stereotypically associated with Africans throughout history. David Hare’s four-part drama (his first original TV series) explores the repercussions after a pizza delivery man is shot dead. It is not for example set in a fictional place or an imagined time but what was considered contemporary time in known locations for much of the story. For instance, just to give one example, no one is mad about the fact that this is how they chose to portray Aphrodite: ABOVE: Lex King as Aphrodite in Troy: Fall of a City. He could change to mimic any form, why he would choose African when approaching Greeks is beyond me but still, it’s plausable. In giving the role of Achilles to David Gyasi, the casting executives gave a talented black actor the opportunity to get ahead. His combination of kick-ass fight skills, arrogant serenity and inner turmoil offers a fabulous showcase for any actor on the rise. It’s cool that youngsters have a hero that looks a bit like them — I was that young person once and didn’t see myself much.”. Neither the Iliad nor Troy: Fall of a City is an accurate representation of the Aegean Bronze Age. As usual, you skillfully separate the concerns of people who genuinely *care* about ancient culture and artistic integrity from the popular misconceptions of those who seek to appropriate every cultural artifact they can in the service of contemporary if regressive political power. Hakeem Kae-Kazim (“Black Sails”) … Of course not. It is that hypocrisy that bugs me. My guess is the majority of people would have preferred a white actor, but don’t see it as important. David Gyasi ... Achilles 8 episodes, 2018 Johnny Harris ... Agamemnon 8 episodes, 2018 Lex King ... Aphrodite Comentários. But it isn’t accurate, or fair, to reflexively presume that anyone who might simply prefer more true-to-life, or at least true-to-source depictions of iconic characters, is racist. I did answer the question. So let me explain why Achilles was the last straw. Because yes, unfortunately we greeks are totally invisible in those shows when it talk particularly about us. Your email address will not be published. Humanities 2020, 9, 145 2 of 12 of Black-British actor, David Gyasi, as Achilles.1 Racist commentators charge the miniseries with a range of prejudicial arguments but in particular of “historical inaccuracy”, namely, that Achilles, a Notice the “Ethiopians” living in the far south of Africa. I agree. Two offers, back-to-back. None of this is to say that there is anything wrong per se with cross-racial casting. All I’ve ever asked is that she’s interested in life outside the world of performance art.”, Florence Pugh as Charlie with Alexander Skarsgard as Becker in the John le Carre thriller. He has long, flowy hair and a long, flowy beard. Fairly good article. I was just getting in to the show, I had only just managed to get over the poor casting choices of the other characters. Firstly they should have tanned all the actors / hired darker skin actors to better represent the hot climate, they should have at least tried to speak with less of an English accent. However I forgave these poor choices in favour of the historical accuracy, the ships, the costumes, the props, I was trying my hardest to get on board up until I saw Achilles. Unfortunately, he died at a relatively young age, which left Herodes Atticus devastated. No scepter. While the community response to the former inspired him — “I was in the gym and wanted to go: ‘That’s my city!’ I lifted heavier and ran longer that day” — he followed the social media response to the latter with mounting horror. Yes, Public Schools Can Teach About Religion, The Modern World Isn’t Even Remotely Secular, View all posts by Spencer Alexander McDaniel, Menu. Similarly, Achilles’s son Neoptolemos was also known as Πύρρος (Pýrrhos), which is the masculine form of Πύρρα. Netflix is becoming a buzzkill like the rest of pandemic 2020. They make up well over 13% of artists in the music industry, there are entire TV networks dedicated to showing Exclusively black Created content and over the past decade approximately 20% of film roles have been played by black actors. In the Troy: Fall of a City, an eight-part series that chronicles the Greek siege of the city of Troy, Achilles is played by Interstellar, Cloud Atlas and Man in an Orange Shirt star David Gyasi. I also imagine the controversy is good for the movie. New role: David Gyasi on his turn as Achilles in Troy: Fall of a City, Cheryl ‘snubs’ ITV to make TV comeback on BBC’s new talent show, Everything you need to know about BBC Two's Generation Gifted, Billie Piper ‘disrespected’ a pizza in Collateral- and fans are angry, Police appeal for witnesses after cyclist badly injured in hit and run, London and South East brace for snow in wake of Storm Bella, London’s Covid case rate rose in every borough in week before Xmas, Scientists call for UK-wide Tier 4 lockdown amid spread of new variant, Oxford jab ‘should work on new strain’ as variant spreads across globe, You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification. The recent BBC/Netflix production “Troy: Fall of a City” featured David Gyasi (above) playing Achilles. The ever-reliable Sarah Lancashire is unconventional social worker Miriam, who finds herself being blamed. Memnon was such an epic warrior that the ancient Greeks actually had an epic poem about him (well, partly about him at least) called the Aithiopis, which was five books in length and part of the so-called “Epic Cycle.” Unfortunately, the poem itself has now been lost, but several summaries of its contents have survived. Troy, Fall of a City. So it really shouldn’t come as some surprise that in a primarily white country the roles are cast with mostly white actors. He's worked on Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and led the American TV limited series Containment. He was renowned as one of the greatest warriors who ever fought and was on par with Achilles. This certainly needs to be viewed in context of the general controversy over the roll of race in casting. The fact that an actual black man was named after Memnon strongly suggests that at least whoever named him thought of Memnon as what we would consider black. As far as anyone can tell, in ancient Greece, Achilles was never envisioned as what we today would call “black.” Nonetheless, in Troy: Fall of a City, he is portrayed by David Gyasi, a British actor of Ghanaian ancestry. Do you think it unusual Now I saw Zeus too, but had no idea who he was meant to be until I read this article. Troy: Fall of a City, coprodução épica da Netflix com a BBC, atraiu críticas no Twitter por sua escalação do ator britânico/ganense We try to make the characters believable. Achilles was most recently played on screen by blond, blue-eyed Brad Pitt in 2004’s Troy. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? English. By giving traditionally white roles to Black actors, makers of films and television shows can help give those actors the opportunity for success. When Containment, an American thriller series which he led, wasn’t recommissioned, he flew straight back to London for Alex Garland’s Ex Machina follow-up, Annihilation, feeling positive. It would have tanked so hard. I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the fact that people are getting all upset that Achilles and Zeus are portrayed as black and there are tons of people throwing winy temper tantrums about “black Achilles,” but not a single person that I am aware of has thrown even the slightest temper tantrum over “redhead Aphrodite.”. Barney Reisz; David Farr; Elenco. It sends the message that black people are part of the western story. ), ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of an ancient Greek black-figure vase painting dating to c. 550 – c. 525 BC, showing the Aithiopian warrior Memnon with stereotypically African features. That’s why the Norse gods looked like Scandinavian and had Scandinavian values. We have Actors that change there accent to fit the role. M. Thackeray's classic novel starring Olivia Cooke and Tom Bateman, Toni Collette and Steven Mackintosh star in BBC's new raunchy drama, Charlotte Riley and Ben Chaplin go head-to-head as rival newspaper editors in new drama from Doctor Foster creator Mike Barlett, Jamie Dornan, Ann Skelly and Matthew Rhys star in a three-part drama for BBC Two, Emma Stone and Jonah Hill star in the limited Netflix series coming September, Matt Groening is back and on Netflix with new adult comedy following Princess Bean and friends, Age Before Beauty on BBC One with Polly Walker, Sue Johnston and Lisa Riley follows a family business with plenty of secrets. Why not? Everyone knows what Zeus is “supposed to look like.” The god’s image is instantly iconic. Why did they bother to try to make Actors look like their character counterparts in the Crown? I kept wondering all through the first episode, “Who is the black guy in the cloak with the deep voice?”. Any attempt to have a white actor play a role of a prominent black historical figure would likely meet with enough backlash that the production would have to change their choice or be shut down. Troy: Fall of a City (TV Series 2018– ) David Gyasi as Achilles. Sean, that is one seriously lazy and poorly-argued post. Thank you. “This, ‘How dare you do this to me, I’m going to bring this down on you’, was heartbreaking. Nonetheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is wrong for a modern television series to portray them as black; myths can change and modern storytellers are not bound to portray characters in the same way that the ancients portrayed them. Keep up the excellent work. Andromache (Chloe Pirrie) receives both good news and bad. Why would they change a character so completely but try to mimic the rest? De seus primeiros passos até seus próximos projetos. He did not look at all like the King of Kings he was meant to be. What must it be like to suck the life out of hundreds of men, to see the light go out of their eyes? Even if you know nothing about Greek mythology, you probably know that Zeus looks like this: ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of an ancient Greek marble statue of Zeus wielding his thunderbolt from the city of Smyrna in Asia Minor, dating to roughly the third century AD, ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of the Otricoli Zeus, a Roman marble head of Zeus on display in the Pio-Clementine Vatican Museum, ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of an ancient Roman marble colossal head of Zeus from the British Museum, ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of a gold slater of Zeus from Lampsakos dating to c. 360 – c. 340 BC, ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of a Roman bronze and marble sculpture of Zeus enthroned with an eagle by his side, probably based on the earlier Greek Statue of Zeus at Olympia by Pheidias, ABOVE: Minerva and the Triumph of Jupiter, painted in 1706 by the French Neoclassical painter René-Antoine Houasse, ABOVE: Modern portrayal of Zeus I found on Google Images. (For instance, see the depiction of Achilles in the polychromatic vase painting shown below, which is dated to c. 300 BC. Interpretations can change and in our world it seems to be about sending a political signal which is okay, because that is how it works. I think that is something different than thinking that black people shouldn’t be in a story seen as western. He is usually seen holding either a scepter or a thunderbolt. You do what you can for the next generation — there’s hope there. Achilles confronted Memnon of the field of battle. Which is the push for diversity in casting really only seems to work one way. Of course race relations and ideology have to do with it, especially because these online controversies amplify the voices of the extreme. I think that the reason of the depiction of Achilles is controversial and Aphrodite as are did not is not hypocriticasy. It’s a very lonely existence.”, For Gyasi, the Greek legends remain relevant today. ABOVE: David Gyasi as Achilles in the 2018 BBC One miniseries Troy: Fall of a City. That would make complete sense. Zeus obliged. Because we know what they are meant to look like. Scandinavia 1000 years ago had a more homogenenous population than today and pretending otherwise is to my mind silly. David Gyasi (“Interstellar”) plays Achilles in the series, which, unusually, takes the perspective of the Trojans. I don’t understand what you mean with “myth can change”. Pretty much the only things that are agreed upon across portrayals are that he is young, clean-shaven, handsome, and muscular. It is not an adaption of Homer's Iliad or Odyssey but rather an original take on the Greek myths, and covers some ground only alluded to in those works. It's where your interests connect you with your people. “We’ll see,” he laughs, before heading off for a stroll along the Thames, unbothered by selfie-hunters. My son [Nathaniel, 10] wants to be an actor and he said, ‘Dad, what role should I go for: Spider-Man or Black Panther?’ He’s got this gangly thing going on, so I thought he’d make an amazing Spider-Man. Troy, Fall of a City. Rasmus, I agree 💯%. I, however, think that Troy: Fall of a City could have perhaps benefited from inclusion of Memnon and his army of Aithiopians. Other than the name, what is there to tell me this guy is supposed to be Zeus? Because of this, the ancient Greeks said their skin was burnt black by the heat of the sun. For now, at least. One of the first scenes was with a baby fairy washing up on the beach — I read it just as those images of the Syrian boy on a Turkish beach were in the news. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Besides the fact that when depicting supposedly historically accurate stories the injection of modern multicultural populations is just not correct, and definitely gives a casual viewer a wrong idea that ancient cities were full of folks from all parts of the planet. That in a predominantly “white” country films produced for primarily “white” audiences will contain mostly “white “ actors? It asks what happens when different communities are forced together.”, On a lighter note, there’s Hunter Killer, a rollicking thriller with Gerard Butler, which allowed him to observe how a movie star operates. I am not aware of a single ancient Greek or Roman depiction of Aphrodite that portrays her with red hair. He is, by myth, half-human, half-god, created by the union of Peleus and Thetis, a sea-nymph. The bust is currently on display in the Antikensammlung Berlin. I agree that the depiction of Zeus is an even further affront to the established imagery (in the first episode, I thought he was Hades). No one is asking for black actors to portray a Japanese emperor in a made in Tokyo film. TV Shows. The Ancient Greeks were of a dark hue. (I suppose this only proves that whitewashing happened even as far back as ancient Greece.). White actors have been playing the part of Jesus for decades. ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of an early fourth-century BC Attic polychromatic terra-cotta vessel depicting the birth of Aphrodite, showing her with blond hair, ABOVE: Mural depicting the birth of Aphrodite from the Case di Venus in the Roman city of Pompeii, dating to the first century AD, showing her with black hair, To be clear, I am not saying that I have a problem with Aphrodite being a redhead in the show; I don’t really have a problem with it—just like I don’t really have a problem with Achilles being portrayed as black. Gods are created in the image of those that construct them. Strangely enough there is at least one report from the 14th century that claimed Genghis Khan had red hair and green eyes…so maybe an Irishman playing him isn’t that out of the question. Or have I missed your point with writing it? The experience has made him sanguine about the industry. We’re going to have eight episodes of this and no good will come of it.”. These are huge industries and employ almost exclusively non-white actors. Born to a Ghanaian cab driver and cook in Hammersmith, his path was set when a cameo in a school production of Gypsy brought the house down. Série Troia - A Queda de Uma Cidade Dublada / Dual Áudio Torrent (2018) em 1080p / 720p / Bluray / FullHD / HD / WEB-DL Download nos formatos MKV [BAIXAR GRÁTIS - Lacraia Torrent]. Do you answer the question in the headline? Confira todos os filmes e séries de David Gyasi. Assuming everything is racist is in it’s self racist in my eyes as it’s drawing clear lines in the sand where there aught not be. In fact, they even feature prominently in the story of the Trojan War itself; there are several highly significant, canonically black characters in the story of the Trojan War that Troy: Fall of a City completely omitted. I did not even realize this guy was supposed to be Zeus until the second episode. Enter your email address to subscribe to Tales of Times Forgotten and receive notifications of new posts by email. He wasn’t sure, but I said, ‘If the President of America can be black, you can be Spider-Man’. No beard. David Gyasi, a London-born actor of Ghanaian descent, plays the role of Achilles in the BBC’s and Netflix’ miniseries Troy: Fall of a City. Gyasi’s casting was met with lamentable dismay from a tiny, vocal minority, but the actor prefers to ignore the lunatic fringes. And not everyone who takes pause at so many prominent casting deviations is a closet racist (though some may well be). In all honesty, if I had been in charge of the show, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to portray Achilles as black, but I am not at all angry that the people who did the casting for Troy: Fall of a City chose to make him black. It’s the principality of the whole thing. Not only that, but it sends the message that black people have always been part of the western story, even since the very beginning. Unfortunately, in many cases, these features are exaggerated in what we would consider a racist manner. Ways to Watch. Modern representations of Memnon more consistently show him as a black African. Every other black role I’ve seen in TV and Film I have never thought twice about. The Aithiopians were supposedly beloved by the gods and they were among the few peoples among whom the gods could walk openly. I think even when someone has just a vague idea of what a fictional character looks like, and these characters are then this perception is contradicted, it creates a cognitive dissonance. View all posts by Spencer Alexander McDaniel. See how ridiculous that is when you apply that sort of logic globally. Any time you look up an ancient person and their date of birth only has AD or BC, but no month or day, means they did not exists. They also had to create a history for themselves because they have none. But Achilles? Neither work even claims to be an accurate representation of the Aegean Bronze Age either. In any case, this still proves my point that myths can change and that the iconography of mythical figures can change as well.

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